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TO: All Concerned
Date: December 30, 1995

Some of the player were brought on board because of their additional talents and experience as actors. Yet one of the discoveries of “Celtic Pride” might be Vladimir Cuk, who co-stars as perennially-benched Utah Jazz player, Lurch Bronfermakher, and cam to the film with…no experience. Hailing from Croatia and currently following graduate business studies at James Madison University in Virginia, Cuk was discovered by Benton's mentor, Rob Ryder, during auditions for the feature film “Eddie.”

“Vladimir is a guy who had never been in front of a camera before and yet he wasn't scared of the camera and he seemed to learn about working the camera instantly what might take others years,” says coordinator Kevin Benton.
“Since Vladimir was in grad school he joined the camp two weeks later and by that time the teams were beginning to gel. The players were shooting lay up when Vladimir waslk into the gym, jumps the lay up line and grabs the ball. He misses the dunk, horribly, bu he comes down and started screaming “I'm witcha' now brothers.” He is very funny.”
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